Veneers Cover More Than Stains…

If you browse the pages of any celebrity news magazine, you’ll be looking at dozens of beaming white, beautiful smiles. That kind of dental work, you might think, is totally out of reach for regular people, right? Dr. Brian Kraft of Lake Arbor Dental & Orthodontics in Arvada, Colorado, is happy to offer the same kind of smile to his patients through the use of porcelain veneers and modern cosmetic dental technology. Here, your Arvada dentist explains a few of the dental flaws that veneers can correct.

Are your teeth stained?

Sometimes patients who visit their Arvada dentist for a whitening treatment learn that they can’t get their desired results. Among other things, this can be due to a side effect from tetracycline antibiotics, gum recession or exposed dental work. All of these conditions don’t respond to the whitening agents, regardless of their concentration. In these situations, Dr. Kraft often recommends veneers. This long-lasting restoration corrects both the color and the luminance of teeth thanks to natural-looking sections of porcelain placed directly over your existing teeth.


Are your teeth chipped?

Over many years of use, your teeth can sustain damage in the form of chips, cracks or uneven wear on their surface. Veneers correct any imperfections by covering them with translucent, wafter-thin porcelain prosthetics. Once they are complete, the flaws in your teeth will be totally invisible.

Are your teeth gapped or misaligned?

Veneers also help to fill in mild to moderate gaps and other alignment problems, like overlaps or crookedness. During your evaluation with your Arvada dentist Dr. Kraft, he will determine the extent of your misalignment. Severe crowding or large gaps may have better results with orthodontics (braces). Veneers can be affixed later to give your new smile a perfect finishing touch.

Are you ready for a Hollywood-worthy smile? Contact the dental team at Lake Arbor Dental & Orthodontics in Arvada, Colorado to learn more about these fantastic restorations!