Arvada, CO Root Canal Experts!

Endodontics is the word used to categorize procedures, such as a root canal, that aim to maintain the inner tooth’s soft tissue (pulp).  The word “endodontic” breaks down into “endo” meaning inside and “odont” meaning tooth. Root canals are necessary when either very bad decay or and injury leads to an infection in the pulp.  Although they have gotten a really bad wrap, the actual procedure is not as scary as many people think it is going to be.  Root canals can be kind of tricky, because in the early stages of the infection you may not feel any pain or notice any difference in your mouth at all.  As the infection progresses however, you may notice you have a toothache, dental abscess and/ or swelling in your mouth.

dental pulp

Take a look at the diagram to the right depicting the anatomy of a tooth.  It is easy to see, with the sensitive location of the pulp, and the nerves and blood vessels that it host, how having an infection in this area is less than desirable, and should be attended to promptly. Lake Arbor Dental’s endodontic team have decades of combined experience utilizing the root canal procedure to remove the infection, preventing it from spreading.

Sometimes people call our office thinking they need a root canal, but in the event that the infection has not yet reached the pulp, we will use an alternative approach called pulp capping. The cost of a root canal can vary depending on the extent of the infection, insurance coverage, and other factors specific to your mouth. If you think you may need a root canal the best thing to do would be to see a professional as soon as possible.  We do our best to accommodate same day emergency care for our patients and we know life’s little surprises are not always convenient economically, so we accept Care Credit.