Dental Crowns

A dental crown is basically a tooth- shaped hat that we use to restore your tooth’s shape and size from damageCEREC Logo, decay, etc…  A dental crown should address both functional and aesthetic needs  since they fully encase the the visible portion (above the gum line) of the tooth.

CEREC crowns are one of most innovative, cutting- edge dental technologies available to us to date. Typically dental crowns are time consuming, messy and just down- right inconvenient. With CEREC crowns, we can complete your treatment in one easy, convenient trip to our Arvada, CO office.

The benefit of CEREC same- day dental crowns does not end at their incredible dependence however, since they are made with porcelain rather than a heavy metal they are incredibly natural in look and feel, and aesthetically unbeatable.

CEREC Dental Crown Restoration

Watch how CEREC can help you achieve all-ceramic restorations in a single dental appointment.


Dr. Kraft has over a decade of experience placing CEREC dental crowns, and has the knowledge and know- how to provide you with the highest quality of dental care in the nation. Our Arvada, CO office is equipped with all of the most up- to- date, modern technology dentistry has to offer and  is now accepting new patients. Please call and schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Kraft and leave our office with the smile you have always wanted.

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